Establishment of a Plant Micro-reserve Netwrok in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats

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The Project PLANT-NET CY

The project entitled '
Establishment of a Plant Micro-Reserve Network in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats' ( LIFE08 NAT/CY/000453) is implemented within the framework of the LIFE+ 08 programme of the European Commission. The total project budget is 1.550.297 euro of which 1.070.265 euro (69,17% of total eligible budget) is being funded by the EC. Its main objective is to improve the conservation status of four priority plant species and two priority habitat types of Cyprus that are found in NATURA 2000 sites, through the establishment, monitoring and management of a network of five Plant Micro-Reserves (PMRs). The PMRs concept, which was successfully adopted in other EU countries, focuses on the monitoring and conservation of small land plots of great value in terms of plant richness, endemism and rarity.

The project started on the 1st of January 2010 and was completed by June 2013.

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