Establishment of a Plant Micro-reserve Netwrok in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats

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Centaurea akamantis

Centaurea akamantis
T. Georgiadis & Hadjik.

Conservation status: En (B1ab(iii) + 2ab(iii))
Protection status: 92/43/EEC Directive (Annex II - priority species), Bern Conversion (Appendix I - strictly protected)

Subshrub, endemic to Cyprus, recorded at 2 neighbouring locations in the Akamas area: Avakas gorge and Aspros river; in fissures of shady limestone cliffs, at altitude 70-100 m. One location is found in state forest land, whereas both locations lie within the boundary of the Akamas area (
CHERSONISOS AKAMA) which is expected to be proposed as a Natura 2000 site.

Flowering period: April - November
Fruiting period: July - December

1. Recreation activities and disturbance of natural habitats (plant collection).
2. Genetic erosion - Reduction of genetic variability (isolated subpopulations + small subpopulations size).
3. Limited public awareness.

The project will target the largest and most important subpopulation of this taxon, which is situated at Avakas Gorge and comprises 590 individuals; that is the 90% of the entire population of the species.

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